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We offer organizations the possibility to create and manufacture their own hygiene and skin care products, and even their own perfumes.

When ordering Private Brand products our customers get all the necessary assistance to achieve a product meeting their expectations: we create the formula, give guidance about ingredients and appearance, find suitable packages like tubes, bottles, boxes, etc, we print your logo and text on the chosen packages. We also arrange for the transportation of the products to your premises.

Alibi also markets "hand-picked" consumer products for skin care, hygiene and aromatherapy, like for example glass nail files, the Pharma range of aromatherapy products and personal lubricants.

These products can be ordered as finished consumer products or labeled with the customer's design, logo and text.

We only manufacture and sell products that meet the highest quality requirements and all our products comply with European regulations.

Our customers

Our customers are non-profit organizations engaged in campaigns against AIDS and merchants that want to market their own brand.

Our partners and suppliers

Our partners are European laboratories specialized in the fabrication of skin care and hygiene products. We have a well established co-operation with them as general agent for their products.

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