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The PHARMA product range is based on aromatherapy. The products contain essential oils from plants and flowers that have been known for centuries for their healing properties.

A gel against bruises and blue-marks. Stimulates the blood circulation, is anti-inflammatory and has an astringent effect.

A gel against rheumatism and pain. It has a rapid and lasting warming effect that relieves pain.

A gel that soothes burned skin. It has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, speeds up the healing process and helps to protect the burned area against germs.

A gel for optimizing the muscles before sporting activities. It stimulates and tones the muscles to enhance their function.

Massage creams
A neutral, non-fat massage cream for professional massage. It does not dry out or stain and protects the hands of the masseur.

Hand cream
A nourishing cream for dry and rough skin. It protects, soothes and makes sensitive skin silky.

Examples of areas of use for the PHARMA range of products

For treatments at health and massage institutes, gyms, etc.  

For sales through institutes, health shops, gyms, skin care saloons, e-commerce, etc.

Corporate give-away
A marketing article that is up to date and that shows your thoughtfulness about the receiver's wellness.

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